Tattoos by Carl Grace

One of the USA’s leading freehand artists and multi award winning artist

Tattoos by Cleo Wattenstrom

The world’s number one tattoo model and super star

Tattoos by Q Tattoos

One of the world’s best colour realistic artists

Tattoos by Shine Tattoos

Realistic artist from Korea

Tattoos by Jade Baxter

Australian artist

Tattoos by Jimi May

Star of Australian TV series Bondi Ink

Tattoos by Six One Three

Australian artist

Hugo V Photography

One of the USA’s leading alternative photographers

Tattoos by Dean Lawton

Australian artist

Tattoos by Benjamin Laukis

Multi award winning Australian artist

Tattoos by Luke Silver

USA Rv super star

Tattoos by Nikko Hurtado

One of the best colour artists in the world. Tattoo artist for the stars.

Tattoos by Fabian Degallinde

French/Australian artist

Tattoos by Carlos Rojas

Leading USA artist

Tattoos by Gemma Pallet

U.K Artist

Tattoos by Luke Silver

Australian Artist